• $3695

Designed specifically for bands who dance intensively, this shoe is made for pointed feet and comfortable turnout. It is the most sleek and narrow of our shoes, but maintains the trusted DSI durability.

The Velocity brags a low, more attractive profile, hugging the foot and appearing to represent the shape of a jazz shoe more than a marching shoe. The tread pattern is more inset than other shoes, and the rounded front and back of the sole allow for a smoother transition between the heel and toe. The sides of the shoe are lower to the ground and the toe box includes additional padding. This sleek architecture allows the marcher to manipulate their feet more freely than in the MTX or Viper. The shoe is lightweight, but while the Velocity is constructed to feel and appear as invisible as possible, it is capable of functioning on grass, turf, and parade streets with no notice by the wearer.

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