FCCorps Design Lighting Desk, w/ 12U + 4U rack space

  • $1,04500

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Our Lighting Desk – Mixer Desk is designed for school theaters, auditoriums and recording studios.  The desk is designed to be completely customizable with rack-mount equipment.  The top shelf includes 4U of shallow rack space and the bottom includes 8U of full depth rack space.  A typical set up could include a wireless headset receiver and microphone on top and power conditioners and rack-mount drawers on the bottom.  Your equipment can be secured to the surfaces with hook-and-loop tape or it can be bolted through the expanded metal decking.  Braking casters on the user side will keep this from rolling if your stage is raked, but unlock quickly when you need to roll it away into closet or supply room to lock up your valuable equipment.

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