FC Corps Design Uniform Cart-20 uniforms, flat pack

  • $1,20400

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Check out our Uniform Racks!  Designed for bands that MOVE.

Each standard rack holds 20 uniforms and 20 10″ x 10″hat boxes, and you’ll have some room left over for the director’s all important “bag of tricks” – you know, that box of stuff that you always need, the items you know you need from experience, and the collection where every item has a “live and learn” story!

The hanger bar is slotted to keep the uniforms from bouncing off during transport.  The structure of the cart is larger than standard hangers to keep the uniforms inside the cart.  The top and bottom hat box decks have railings to keep everything from sliding off.  The casters are mounted completely under the cart – this allows you to secure the loaded cart to the sides of your truck or trailer.

Beyond band, these carts a GREAT for theater departments – contact us for full length wardrobe carts.

Finally – show some school spirit!  Get ’em in your colors!


Length 68”
Width 26”
Height 61 3/4”
Capacity 21 uniforms, including hat boxes
Shipping Weight 125 lbs

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