FC Corps Design Standard 12U Mixer Cart

  • $3,23300

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Corps Design Mixer Carts are designed for maximum protection.  The first layer of protection is the foam filled no-flat casters.  The next layer of protection is our exclusive shock mount rack system.  Our rack systems include both front and rear rack rails and floats on rubber bushings that help to dissipate the shock of normal transportation.  The mixer carts include front and rear access panels as well as a side access panel for things such as a cable snake. The lid can be completely removed or kept on the cart in a half-open position if it looks like the skies may open up.  The main deck has an open backsplash to prevent your cables from crimping and an 1½” square accessory rail for fins or a laptop table.

Our mixer carts are hard wired for AC power and come standard with 2 “D” style ports for pass-throughs.  We also have our custom rack plate that can be mounted on the player’s right side of the cart.  This I/O plate is wired with 4 – NL4 connectors (L & R Main, L & R Sub) and 4 covered “D” style aux ports for whatever other pass-throughs you may need to add for your equipment.

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Shipping Weight 292 lbs.

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