FC Corps Design Tilt-Lock Bass Drum Frame

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he Hypothesis of Bass Drum Indeterminacy:  No two schools will ever have the same concert bass drum.

Our Concert Bass Drum cart is designed to fit pretty much any bass drum that you are likely to have in your band hall.  With an over-sized 50″ suspension ring and 12 mounting points, this cart will fit the drum in your band hall.  The shelf on the bottom provides extra storage space that your percussion section will always need.

The tilting mechanism features our patented mechanical tilt-lock that will never strip, fail or wear out.  It will hold your drum at the perfect angle with no chance of slipping, and absolutely endure all of the youth and enthusiasm of your high school percussion section.

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Interior Diameter 50”
Suspension Hooks 12
Total Length 56”
Total Width 30”
Shipping Weight 105 lbs.

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